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How does the sale and distribution of cannabis work in Canada?

The Recreational Market

Each province and territory decides which products will be available on the shelves of retail stores (Dispensaries). Producers will therefore have to deal with the organization in charge within their province. Consult and Grow is an active member of the Quebec Cannabis Industry Association (QCIA) through which we develop our business network to allow you to easily sell your cannabis production, whether at the SQDC or in other provinces. Our network is established across Canada, from Kelowna to St-John’s!

In order to sell cannabis or finished cannabis products, you will need to obtain an authorization from Health Canada for the sale of cannabis. This authorization is added to your cultivation or processing license and allows you to distribute your production. For this, you will need to meet the requirements, including having a production site ready to operate. We will walk you through the process to get you into the market within a reasonable time frame to distribute your products across all provinces and on the web.

Medical Sales License

Do you want to sell medical cannabis as well as other medical cannabis products online?
A medical sales license allows, as the name suggests, the sale of medical cannabis. This form of distribution is done only online, through an e-commerce platform, and is aimed at Canadian patients who have been prescribed by a duly licensed Health Care Practitioner to consume medical cannabis within Canada.

Holders of a medical sales license can sell all forms of finished cannabis products. Depending on your goals, you will have the opportunity of choosing between a Medical Sales License with Possession, to have an inventory of cannabis products in your warehouse, or Without Possession, which will allow you to deal with suppliers who will themselves handle patient orders placed on your website (drop-shipping).

There are now almost 500,000 Canadians who have been prescribed medical cannabis. Our sister company, the Coverleaf Clinic, works on a daily basis with our 7000 medical cannabis patients for their medical needs.

In order to file a Medical Sales license request with Health Canada, it is necessary to demonstrate your operational practices and to present, if applicable, a storage site that meets the standards required by Health Canada.
Consult and Grow has already obtained this type of license several times for its clients, including the very first standalone Medical Sales license with possession in Quebec. We can help you with your application, selecting products for sale on your platform, and the acquisition of clients by registering new patients.

Intra-industry Sales

It is possible for a cannabis producer, who does not wish to take on the processing or packaging, to wholesale their biomass. Another cannabis grower or processor will be able to purchase any crop that meets their needs as well as Health Canada standards.

Consult and Grow has established an intra-industry network that allows our clients to sell their biomass quickly. We are a member of the Quebec Cannabis Industry Association (QCIA) and work jointly with the major players in the cannabis industry to enhance its development.

Retail License

In some provinces, such as Ontario and Alberta to name a few, it is possible to obtain a license for the recreational retail sale of cannabis and cannabis-based products. Such a license will allow you to sell a selection of products from a variety of licensed producers in Canada from a commercial location and, potentially, online. You will be able to sell the cannabis flower as well as most products such as concentrates, edibles, vapes, and more.

This type of license is granted by the regulatory body responsible for overseeing the regulations on the distribution of cannabis in the province where you wish to operate. Our team has completed several similar requests across Canada and will be able to assist you in your efforts, regardless of the province.

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