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Research and Development License

What is an R&D license?

The demand for finished cannabis products continues to grow. To support this demand, it is important that the Canadian market offers more and more diversity. To do this, it is important to fine tune your product research and development phase in order to obtain the ideal formulation to meet ever-growing market needs and demand.

Health Canada also recognizes the importance of cannabis research and development and therefore has put it in place under the Cannabis Act and Cannabis Regulations. In this regard, Health Canada allows cannabis license holders (growers and processors, for example) to carry out research and development activities within the framework of the activities authorized by their license.

That said, if the license holder wishes to conduct research and development activities that are not within the scope of their license (or if the license holder wishes to conduct research and development activities separately and distinct from their cannabis license), they can and should apply for a separate research license.


If you are interested in the research license

If you are interested in the research license, please note that there are three research license models that allow greater flexibility depending on your organization and the type of research you wish to perform

One project, One place

A research license for a research project, usually having a single research protocol and carrying out activities at a single location. This model also applies to research groups that carry out more than one project, but report to a single principal investigator in a research area.

One project, Multiple locations

A research license for a research project, but which carries out its research activities in multiple locations (eg, a clinical trial in multiple hospitals)

One institution, One location

A research license for multiple research projects that take place at a single institution (e.g., multiple researchers or projects at a single university campus or research hospital; or a large research group performing multiple projects, including a contractual research organization).

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in vivo and in vitro

It is essential to determine the model that best suits the proposed research activities before beginning your license application. The license model chosen will determine the various informative requirements to be provided in the license application.
Consult and Grow can assist and support you in these matters. Please do not hesitate to contact our team for this purpose.

Research activities may include, but are not limited to, in vivo and in vitro studies, clinical trials, plant genetics, development of new cannabis products, and educational programs.

Please note that if you wish to provide analytical testing services for cannabis (including cannabis products), you must apply for an analytical testing license. However, if you are only performing analytical testing in support of your own research activities, only a research license is required. In either case, Consult and Grow can assist and assist you in obtaining the license you desire. Please do not hesitate to contact our team to determine together what is right for you and immediately begin the process leading to your license issuance.

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