Our Team

Our team is composed of licensing, security, and legal experts, CPAs,PhDs, architects, and engineers able to guide you through the arduousHealth Canada application process and its many challenges.

Francis Hébert

David Selema
Chief Executive Officer

Jennifer Gamble
Medical Coordinator

Laura Johnston
Business & Strategic Planner

Huu Phu Nguyen
LL.B-MBA, Chief Legal Officer

Angelo Servedio
Cannabinoïds Processing Expert

Dhili Nakeeran
Medical Consultant

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Our Licensing Services

Cultivation License

Consult & Grow can help you apply for the Standard Cultivation Licence, Micro Cultivation Licence, Nursery Licence, Industrial Hemp Licence, and Outdoor Cultivation Licence.

Finished Products Licence​

Consult & Grow has expertise and regulatory knowledge on how to get approval for licences to manufacture cannabis extracts and products.

Testing and Research Licence

Consult & Grow understands the strict requirements for finished product testing and licensing, and how important a role research and development plays.

Distribution Licence

 There is a huge potential for the distribution of branded and white-labeled cannabis products.