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Cannabis Cultivation License

What is a cultivation license?

A Cultivation License allows businesses in Canada to produce cannabis. This excludes extraction or processing of cannabis oil or edibles, which requires a Processing License.

Health Canada has reported 85% of first-time applications get rejected as “incomplete.” Our professionals know where the delays happen and the common missed or incorrect information in licenses. After completing more than 50 applications for hemp and marijuana cultivation, our team has a proven track record of success with obtaining approvals.  

Standard Cultivation License and Micro Cultivation License can be combined to other licenses to allow cannabis extraction, analytical testing, R&D, and Sale for Medical Purposes. Only a fully built-out facility is eligible for a license. This means applicants will need to have built the facility prior or during the application review, before getting approved.

Standard Cultivation License​

Your first step in becoming a successful grow-operation is to begin your application on the Cannabis Tracking and Licensing System (CTLS).

Consult & Grow’s team knows getting municipal approvals and zoning are major hurdles to cross. Finding the right location for a Standard Cultivation License is a challenge. Our team will meet with local officials to help with setting the foundations for your cultivation facility.

You will need to demonstrate your cultivation practices, personnel, facility and security plans when applying for a Cannabis Standard Cultivation License. It usually takes 3 to 6 months for approval. We can make sure your application is thorough and professionally drafted to avoid delay in the Health Canada review process.

Consult & Grow works with architects, engineers, and general contractors with proven track records of success in the marijuana industry. Our network of experts can help with lighting, HVAC systems, temperature control, building materials, security equipment, growing equipment, and more.

Our experts understand the extensive operational requirements need to complete an application; Professional floor plans, workflows, physical security, Threat and Risk management programs, Standard Operating Procedures (“SOPs”), security clearances, corporate structure summary, site survey, filed notices with local authorities, and to complete various quality assurance and administrative reports.

Micro Cultivation License

With a Micro-Cultivation License, six months of operation could earn up to $1,000,000 in revenues.

The Micro Cultivation License fees and security requirements are less for than the Standard Cultivation License, and can only allow a 200-square-meter canopy. Your biggest challenge in the process may be in finding the right location.

Consult & Grow’s first advice to applicants is to do a facility assessment. It’s important to ask three questions at the start: Does the facility meet the zoning requirements? Is the municipality going to allow a cannabis facility? And can we actually convert the facility into a GPP/GMP compliant and high-security location.

As of 31 March 2019, Health Canada has received 151 applications a Micro-Cultivation license. The three largest numbers of these applicants came from (41) Ontario, (36) British Columbia, and (34) Quebec.

Micro-Cultivation licenses provide a fantastic opportunity for craft growers, investors and entrepreneurs to develop high-end, high-value strains for both the medical and recreational markets. The marijuana Micro Cultivation License usually takes 3 to 6 months for approval.

Cannabis Nursery Licenses

Good news for Cannabis Nursery License holders. There’s a high demand for starting material. Producers are all complaining about having limited access to plant genetics, seeds, and seedlings.

Cannabis Nursery Licenses allow you to develop and sell cannabis seeds and seedlings. The nursery license is a subclass of the cultivation license and cannot exceed 50-square-meters in surface area.

To apply for the marijuana Nursery Licenses, you need to show your cultivation practices, personnel and facility plans. It usually takes 3 to 6 months for approval, but this could take longer.

Industrial Hemp Cultivation License

Industrial Hemp Cultivation License allow investors to build a portfolio of CBD products.

Hemp CBD needs to be less than 0.3% THC, whether, isolate, distillate, full-spectrum oil or in finished good form.

To apply for the Industrial Hemp Cultivation License, you need to show your cultivation practices, personnel and facility plans. It usually takes 60 to 90 days for approval, but this could take longer. Consult & Grow can prepare a full Industrial Hemp Cultivation License application.

Outdoor Cannabis License

The lower costs of outdoor growing compared to indoor makes sense for many investors and entrepreneurs.

Growing outside is a dream for many farmers. Growing in a greenhouse or completely outdoor eliminates the need for costly lighting, heating and cooling systems. And although Canada’s growing season is short, most farmers know the natural light and outdoor temperatures often also produce bigger, tastier, and more dense buds. The use of greenhouses could allow you to extend the growing season to three harvest per year.

Health Canada granted 13 outdoor cultivation licenses in August 2019. The reason is simple: it costs less to grow outdoors. Cannabis companies that once warned about the safety of growing outdoors now embrace outdoors growing as an important part of operations. Growers know that it costs about $1 a gram in a greenhouse and $2 a gram for a typical indoor site. In stark contrasts, complete outdoor growing costs about 20 to 25 cents a gram.

Although most outdoor crops will end up in edibles, beverages, and vape pens, some will be sold as dried flower. Most companies will sell marijuana and hemp as ‘natural’ and ‘organic’. WeedMD and 48North, two recently awarded outdoor license-holders, are now applying to get certified as organic.

It’s a lot of work to get your full application for the Outdoor Cannabis License right. The application will require you to show your cultivation practices, personnel and facility plans. It will usually take 60 to 90 days for approval (or longer). After successfully completing more than 50 cannabis and hemp applications, Consult & Grow team has the track record you need to obtain your Outdoor Cannabis License application.

Cultivation License

Consult & Grow can help you apply for the Standard Cultivation License, Micro Cultivation License, Nursery License, Industrial Hemp License, and Outdoor Cultivation License.

Finished Products License

Consult & Grow has expertise and regulatory knowledge on how to get approval for licenses to manufacture cannabis extracts and products.

Testing and Research License

Consult & Grow understands the strict requirements for finished product testing and licensing, and how important a role research and development plays.

Distribution License

 There is a huge potential for the distribution of branded and white-labeled cannabis products.