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Cannabis Finished Products

What is a Cannabis Finished Product?

There’s a full range of pharmaceutical-grade, high-quality cannabis-infused oils, tinctures, and capsules waiting to come to market, including transdermal patches, oral sprays, inhalers, and vaporizing cartridges. Consult & Grow has links to all the cannabis value chain manufacturers and exporters of finished products.

Consult & Grow has completed several successful applications for several cannabis cultivation applications. Our team has the expertise with applying for licensing, applying good production practices (“GPP”), and to help you maintain your on-going compliance.

Standard Cultivation License

Micro Cultivation License

Edible and Beverages

Cannabis Natural Health Products

Standard Cultivation License

A Standard Processing license allows the manufacture of cannabis-derived products that can be sold to the recreational market through the Provincial supply chain.

The Standard Processing License usually takes 60 to 90 days for approval, but this could take longer. You need to show your processing practices, personnel and facility plans.

A Standard Processing license requires a Quality Assurance Person (“QAP”) on staff with the qualifications and experience from either the pharmaceutical, food, tobacco, or alcohol sector. The Standard Processor also require a Head of Security. Consult & Grow can prepare a full Standard Processing license application.

Micro Cultivation License

Micro Processing license is an opportunity to infuse a full line of products with CBD and THC – up to 600 kg of dried flower (or its equivalent) per year – as edibles, extracts, and topicals.

The Standard Processor License, Micro Processing licenses do not require a Quality Assurance Person (“QAP”). The Micro Processor does require a Head of Security.

To apply for the Micro Processing license with the Office of Medical Cannabis for review, you need to show your processing practices, personnel and facility plans. It usually takes 60 to 90 days for approval, but this could take longer.
Consult & Grow can prepare a full Micro Processing license application.

Edibles and Beverage

Cannabis-infused edibles and extracts are bringing in a Second Generation of legalization in Canada.

Regulations on cannabis-infused foods and beverages will come into force in late 2019. Consult & Grow can help you prepare for the upcoming edibles market. Our team can help you implement Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP), HACCP, and on Preventative Control Plan (PCP) initiatives. Many towns and regions across Canada already have existing facilities ready to retrofit, capable of producing high-quality cannabis extracts.

Cannabis Natural Health Product

Health Canada wants to ensure natural health products are safe, effective and of high quality.

Consult & Grow can prepare a full Natural Health Product License application. The Natural Health Product License usually takes 60 to 90 days for approval, but this could take longer.

Our experts understand the extensive operational needs for an application approval. We can help you set up your floor plans, site and physical security design and risk management programs, Standard Operating Procedures (“SOPs”), security clearances, corporate structure summary, site survey, filed notices with local authorities, and to complete various quality assurance and administrative reports.

Cultivation License

Consult & Grow can help you apply for the Standard Cultivation License, Micro Cultivation License, Nursery License, Industrial Hemp License, and Outdoor Cultivation License.

Finished Products License

Consult & Grow has expertise and regulatory knowledge on how to get approval for licenses to manufacture cannabis extracts and products.

Testing and Research License

Consult & Grow understands the strict requirements for finished product testing and licensing, and how important a role research and development plays.

Distribution License

 There is a huge potential for the distribution of branded and white-labeled cannabis products.