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Cannabis Distribution License

What is Cannabis Distribution?

Each province and territory decides which products appear at retail stores. Only Health Canada can approve the sale of cannabis for medical or recreational use. Consult & Grow’s knowledge of the distribution channels can get your products in front of consumers.

The Cheech and Chong stereotype of the cannabis consumer is old. Today’s cannabis consumers demand quality and taste, and more are becoming connoisseurs. Marijuana is like the grapes for wine or hops for beer, it’s a plant with its own depth of taste for the consumer. The challenge for most cultivators and manufacturers is to find a place to sell.

Deloitte Consulting reported Canada’s cannabis edibles, extracts, and topicals market is worth $2.7 billion annually. Cannabis is more than a simple product. Different strains and farming practices will create different effects on the human body. That’s on top of the estimated $6 billion from recreational and medical marijuana. Regulators want to make sure products are safe for Canadians, free of any cross-contamination.

Health Canada’s new regulations for edibles, extracts, and topical products start on Oct. 17, 2019. The regulations ban the manufacturing of all cannabis products in the same building as food products and standardize the concentration of THC and CBD on product labels. The serving sizes are 10 milligrams of THC per package of edibles, extracts are limited to 10 mg of THC per unit and no more than 1,000 mg in a package. Cannabis topicals, such as lotions, are limited to 1,000 mg (or 1-gram of THC per package). The edible cannabis products need to be safe to consume without refrigeration or freezing will also remain.

Consult & Grow knows a lot of work goes into launching a cannabis product. The price of cannabis includes testing, handling, packaging, record keeping, and distribution costs. Cultivators, producers, and distributors must each have licenses to sell marijuana. Health Canada oversees the approval for the license and regulates the cultivation. Nurseries sell or donate plants to facilities. Producers then manufacture products. Official dispensers sell them.

Consult & Grow’s team can help you with selling your products at retail stores. Your team at Consult & Grow can help you through the legal processes in your province or territory to sell your cannabis products.

Medical sales license

Import and Export

Cannabis Retail license

B2B Distribution

Medical Sales License

Medical Sales Licenses is an important step for an operation. A Medical Sales License is the only way to sell medical cannabis.

Medical Sales License holders can sell edibles, oil, and topical cannabis products. If you plan to sell cannabis products in Canada or in mature markets on the United States’ West Coast, having a Medical Sales license represents a real advantage to get your start as a recognized cultivator or processor.

To apply for the Medical Sales license with the Office of Medical Cannabis for review, you need to show your operational practices, personnel and facility plans. It usually takes 60 to 90 days for approval.

Import and Export

Consult & Grow can help companies move high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade concentrates through our global supply chain. Our team knows how to complete the European GMP-certification to export to Europe.

Our network includes suppliers, distributors, and commercial rights holders ready to do business in India, Germany, and Colombia. We can help you get your cannabis products ready for international medical markets and show you how to use your inventories to maximize your profit margins.

Cannabis businesses are entering into agreements with operators in other countries who want to develop international cannabis assets. Consult & Grow can see the growing international demand for medical cannabis, especially in Europe and Australia.

Cannabis Retail License

Cannabis businesses can sell products to retail channels as recreational cannabis products (i.e., provincially-authorized retailers). Each province and territory has its own cannabis oversight agency. For example, the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis, Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries, and Quebec’s Societe Quebecoise du Cannabis.

B2B Distribution

Branded and white-labeled cannabis products provide a huge potential for medical, health & beauty, food & beverage, and uniquely formulated concentrates and dried flower to come to market.

Consult & Grow staff has experience in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, horticultural, and consumer packaged goods (“CPG”). Our network has worked on vertical farm cultivations, R&D, extractions, manufacturing, and along various supply chains in the distribution process. We can help businesses meet GMP-compliant standards to allow for international sales.

Cultivation License

Consult & Grow can help you apply for the Standard Cultivation License, Micro Cultivation License, Nursery License, Industrial Hemp License, and Outdoor Cultivation License.

Finished Products License

Consult & Grow has expertise and regulatory knowledge on how to get approval for licenses to manufacture cannabis extracts and products.

Testing and Research License

Consult & Grow understands the strict requirements for finished product testing and licensing, and how important a role research and development plays.

Distribution License

 There is a huge potential for the distribution of branded and white-labeled cannabis products.