Licensing Services

Applicants seeking licence to grow, process, or sell cannabis in Canada can rely on Consult & Grow’s professional team.

Becoming a legal cannabis producer and manufacturer in Canada is an attractive investment opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs all across the globe. There is a huge growth in Canada’s consumer market for cannabis products. Since the regulations in this fledgling industry do change often, getting good advice and consultation is a priority during the application process.

The Second Wave of legalization for edibles and CBD health products will come into force in 2019 December. Many cannabis cultivators and processors can now sell branded and white-labeled medical, health & beauty, food & beverage, and unique-formula products. Many businesses are also offering new innovative methods with vertical farms, R&D, extractions, manufacturing, and distribution channels.  

In March 2019, Health Canada introduced a sweeping change that now requires new applicants to have a built facility ready before starting the application process. Canada had been dealing with a supply shortage of legal cannabis so Health Canada wanted a quicker way for applicants to complete this licence application process. In the past, Health Canada found that more than 70% of previous applicants over the past three years showed no sign of being ready to open a facility for production. 

Health Canada is currently processing hundreds of applications, which includes existing producers looking to expand and those entering into the cannabis space. Consult & Grow staff can guide you through all of your options – and save you money and time.

Cultivation License

Consult & Grow can help you apply for the Standard Cultivation Licence, Micro Cultivation Licence, Nursery Licence, Industrial Hemp Licence, and Outdoor Cultivation Licence.

Finished Products Licence​

Consult & Grow has expertise and regulatory knowledge on how to get approval for licences to manufacture cannabis extracts and products.

Testing and Research Licence

Consult & Grow understands the strict requirements for finished product testing and licensing, and how important a role research and development plays.

Distribution Licence

 There is a huge potential for the distribution of branded and white-labeled cannabis products.